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Angie Abdou writes with power, grace, and a fearlessness that takes you deep inside a seldom-seen world. Masterful storytelling.      Terry Fallis, author of The Best Laid Plans

Between is not a novel that you’ll forget easily with its dark humour, its lifelike characters, and a story of many complicated relationships that lead to a jaw-dropping conclusion. Pick this book up — you won’t be able to put it down.        Jowita Bydlowska, author of Drunk Mom

In her unflinching portrait of a marriage in crisis, Angie Abdou bravely goes where few Canadian novelists would dare. The result is riveting.        Trevor Cole, author of The Fearsome Particles

In Between, Angie Abdou doesn’t take the predictable road. She deftly steers us into the deepest of emotional potholes, lands us in the ditch, and then finds a way back out again. This book is hilarious and disturbing, and an honest look at marriage and parenthood and the ways that entitlement and sex can drive wedges between us.
Farzana Doctor, author of Six Metres of Pavement

There are no easy targets in Between, Angie Abdou’s fiercely engaged novel about the culture clash generated when a privileged family with hidden problems hires a young and insightful Filipina nanny. Smart and fast, both troubling and funny, Between accelerates as you read, a crisis looming all the while the idea of home holds hope. You won’t see the ending coming. But it’s right when it arrives.      Timothy Taylor, author of Stanley Park and The Blue Light Project

In Between, it is the women who share the greatest burdens, yet still find it difficult to connect across lines of class and culture. Abdou has stared fraught subject matter in the face and handled it with grace and humour. Her refreshing novel sympathetically reveals women as they are, flaws and all. – Quill and Quire   For the full Quill and Quire review, please click here.

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