Angie Abdou

Writing the Body in Motion

Writing the Body in MotionWriting the Body in Motion: A Critical Anthology on Canadian Sport
Edited by Angie Abdou & Jamie Dopp

Sport literature is never just about sport. The genre’s potential to explore the human condition, including aspects of violence, gender, and the body, has sparked the interest of writers, readers, and scholars. Over the last decade, a proliferation of sport literature courses across the continent is evidence of the sophisticated and evolving body of work developing in this area. Writing the Body in Motion offers introductory essays on the most commonly taught Canadian sport literature texts. The contributions sketch the state of current scholarship, highlight recurring themes and patterns, and offer close readings of key works. Organized chronologically by source text, ranging from Shoeless Joe (1982) to Indian Horse (2012), the essays offer a variety of ways to read, consider, teach, and write about sport literature.

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May 2018
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“Abdou and Dopp’s Writing the Body in Motion gathers the voices of some of the finest scholars of Canadian sport literature, where they critically interrogate the field’s classic (and soon-to-be classic) texts. The collection is fresh and insightful and, above all, useful. This book will be a sturdy backbone for a new generation of scholars teaching and writing about sport and its many meanings in Canadian letters.” — Andrew Holman, editor of Canada’s Game: Hockey and Identity

“A game changer! An essential book for all teachers, students, and readers of sports literature. You will gain a much deeper understanding of the physical, emotional, and cultural complexities of sport. You will also gain keen insights into the attraction of sport to authors as a subject worthy of the most complex and affecting creative writing.” — Priscila Uppal, author of Winter Sport: Poems and Summer Sport: Poems

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