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Home Ice

The author of the Canada Reads–nominated The Bone Cage tackles the ups and downs of amateur hockey, from a mother’s point of view

Home Ice by Angie AbdouOver 570,000 people are registered in Hockey Canada and over 600,000 in Hockey USA. It’s a national obsession. But what does that really mean when your child wants to play on a team? As a former varsity athlete and university instructor teaching sport literature, novelist Angie Abdou is no stranger to sport obsession, but she finds herself conflicted when faced with the reality of the struggles, joys, and strains of having a child in amateur hockey. In Home Ice, with equal parts humour and anguish, Abdou charts a full season of life as an Atom-level hockey mom, from summer hockey camp to the end-of-season tournament. Her revealing stories and careful research on issues such as cost, gender bias, concussion, and family pressures offer a compellingly honest and complex insider’s view of parenting today’s young athlete in a competitive and high-pressure culture.

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Available September 4, 2018
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In Home Ice, Angie Abdou fearlessly bodychecks the status quo of our national game. A frank, funny, and highly emotional memoir, I found myself crying and laughing out loud and shaking my fist and nodding vigorously, and that was just the in first 50 pages. This is the book all hockey parents must read. – Grant Lawrence, CBC Host and author of The Lonely End of the Rink

Angie Abdou delivers with writing so clear you can smell the arena and feel the ice shavings through a novelist’s eye and a parent’s heart. Abdou has emerged as one of the country’s best writers on sport at any level. – Rheostatic Dave Bidini, author of Keon and Me and publisher of the West End Phoenix.

Angie Abdou’s son loves playing hockey; she loves her son. Ergo, she must strike a deal with the sport – with the expense, risk of concussion, crazy weekend commutes, early mornings, marital strains and occasional heartbreak involved in being a hockey mom. I don’t give a hoot about hockey but I couldn’t put this memoir down. As a former competitive athlete, Abdou has to rethink her focus on winning at all costs when it comes to her son’s happiness on the rink. “Home Ice” is searingly honest, compassionate and always engaging. Anyone who has experienced the unique anxiety of watching a son or daughter play a team sport will be grateful for this truth-telling book. – Marni Jackson is the author of the bestselling memoir The Mother Zone and Home Free: The Myth of the Empty Nest

A beautifully written and wise look at the troubling culture surrounding amateur sports through the eyes of a conflicted hockey mom. Home Ice reminds us ‘the best lessons we take from hockey have nothing to do with winning. – Erica Ehm, author, speaker, and founder of parenting platform

Angie Abdou cracks open the world of the hockey home with her distinctive, wry humour. Not only does she explore the winner-take-all culture, she confronts her own place in it and the price it exacts on her family and her marriage. Brave and refreshingly candid, Angie delves into issues many of us grapple with but don’t dare voice.” – Jan Redford, author of End of the Rope: Mountains, Marriage, and Motherhood

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